Charitable Contributions

Annually, Made Simple contributes up to 5% of total company annual profit to as many as three small progressive non-profit organizations working in the areas of: plastic pollution, criminal justice reform, and the arts. All Made Simple customers are eligible to nominate an organization and vote on those nominations. Or, a customer may nominate a qualifying organization and have 3% of that customers individual annual product purchase value donated to only that qualifying organization.

To nominate an organization, please email the following information to with the email subject line: Customer nomination.

  1. Organization name
  2. Organization address
  3. Organization website address
  4. Contact name at organization
  5. Most recent Form 990 (or equivalent)
  6. Most recent Annual Report

Just know that every purchase you make from Made Simple will help a small progressive charity…and it could be YOURS. Who says beauty if only skin deep?!



2017 Recipient

Boston, Massachusetts

‚ÄčThe Criminal Justice Policy Coalition is a member-based, non-profit organization dedicated to the advancement of effective, just, and humane criminal justice policy in Massachusetts. They seek to accomplish this by expanding the public discourse on criminal justice, promoting dialogue and cooperation among diverse stakeholders, and building support for policies that better protect our communities, promote accountability and change for offenders, and provide restitution to victims.