Q – Are all of your products USDA certified organic?

A – Every single one without exception.


Q – Are all of your products certified gluten free?

A – No, and here’s why. The only ingredient that could be somewhat questionable regarding gluten is the oat we use in face masks and scrubs. But, all the research we obtained from the Chicago Celiac Disease Center before including oats into those products suggest that oats are technically gluten-free since they aren’t a type of wheat, barley or rye grain, the three groups of whole grains that naturally contain the protein gluten. Instead of containing gluten, oats actually have a protein called avenins. Avenin is a protein similar to gluten, however, research has shown that most people with celiac disease can safely eat avenin.

Problems can occur if oats are produced in the same place as wheat, barley and rye, as the oats can become contaminated with these other grains. Because our oats are USDA certified organic we are very confidant that contamination is unlikely given that avoiding cross-contamination is a major consideration when issuing a USDA organic certification; we know, we’ve been through it. Therefore, with all that, we didn’t find there to be a need to be certified as gluten-free.


Q – Do any of your products contain micro-beads?

A – Absolutely not!


Q – Is your toothpaste safe for kids?

A – Our toothpaste is USDA certified organic (which you already know) but the ingredients are also food-grade. So, there is nothing in there that would hurt a child. The question; however, is the lack of fluoride. Many public water supplies add fluoride which is controversial in itself but we at Made Simple consciously decided to not include fluoride given the nature of our product.  There are so many more components to healthy teeth (and body) that adding more chemicals isn’t the answer.

We considered creating a more “kid friendly” line of toothpaste meaning it would be sweeter to the taste (maybe with honey) but haven’t because we honestly believe that getting kids to brush their teeth shouldn’t be about getting a treat; so to speak. Starting with something natural at an early age might break that all too common habit of thinking that toothpaste should taste like candy and must kill instead of enrich the already anti-bacterial agents in your mouth.


Q – Do you test on animals?

A – Well, humans are animals and when we play around to come up with a new product experience we test it on ourselves first. Friends next. Then our customers but never anyone or anything else.


Q – Where can I find your products?

A – For now, our wonderful products are only available on our website and through Etsy.


Q – Does shipping cost me more because you use glass jars?

A – Nope! We ship through the USPS using a flat rate except when shipping locally. Even so, plastic is horrible stuff and we want nothing to do with it. We will always use glass jars and bottles. When our current stock of plastic caps is depleted we will move to metal caps.