Made Simple creates small-batch USDA certified organic vegan non-GMO raw cruelty-free skin and oral care products.

Every product is hand-made by the company owners at our work-space in Massachusetts with only pure active ingredients. Every ingredient is plant based and food-grade so we really mean it when we post those symbols below.

               No fillers!        No water!         No chemicals!

Check out our ingredients that are listed for each product; we’ve got nothing to hide. Only the healthiest natural sustainable ingredients go in the bottle creating the healthiest natural product for your oral and skin care needs. Unleash the mighty power of nature to keep your body safe and help protect the environment at the same time.

And about that bottle; only glass! There is no room for plastics when it comes to your health and the sustainability of our shared planet so all our products are packaged with minimal packaging in thick glass jars and bottles.

Our product offering is limited so we can ensure the quality of what we know best in each batch.  We source and create with our own family’s health in-mind and are so happy, so comfortable, and so honored to be able to share Made Simple products with your family.

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