Tooth & Gum Tonic

Certified Organic | Vegan | Non-GMO | Cruelty-free

Our USDA certified organic vegan oral care products are made with plant-based, food-grade ingredients that naturally cleanse delicate gums and freshen breath. You can purchase our tonic with confidence knowing that we do not add any synthetics. As well, we use returnable glass jars with three lid optons to reduce waste. Personal care products used in and around your mouth on a daily basis are absorbed through your skin and the soft tissues of the mouth. This is why we source only the highest-quality certified organic ingredients for our tonic. Used after our toothpaste, our certified organic tonic cleans out harmful bacteria and residue and helps rebalance your natural mouth flora through a process called oil pulling; an ancient ayurvedic practice to clean teeth and gums.

Made Simple Skin Care Gum Tonic certified organic - Spearmint Clove sample8
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Made Simple Skin Care USDA certified organic sample pack
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