We have never tested any of our ingredients or products on animals and we never will, and we do our best to source ingredients from suppliers who demonstrate our same cruelty-free standards. No ifs, ands or buts: you can feel assured that Made Simple products are cruelty-free. We are in the process of working with both Logical Harmony and Leaping Bunny to obtain cruelty-free certifications per their guidelines but for now the only testing we do with new product ideas is on ourselves first…then friends and family but not the family pet.

Every one of our products is hand-crafted by the company owners. We do not out-source anything. This is entirely possible since we do everything in small-batches so when we run low on supplies we just make a few more. What about large wholesale orders? Well, we just have to stay up a bit later and work a bit longer but everything is still made in our Massachusetts work-space and by only two people. It doesn’t get any more handmade than this.

Every product and product ingredient is both raw and vegan. Raw means that we do not heat any ingredient above 100-degree F. In fact, the only ingredients we warm are the shea butter and coconut oil for the body moisturizer. They are warmed only to the point where they become soft enough to easily mix with the other ingredients and achieve the creamy texture. And unlike many skin care products we use nothing animal-based; not even bees wax.

Product Stewardship – Recycling is wonderful but at Made Simple we believe reusing is even better. And what better thing to reuse then our thick glass bottles and jars. While we certainly encourage our customers to re-purpose the glass bottles and jars for things such as saving seeds, propagating plants or keeping spices; once a customer has at least 10 jars and/or bottles we’ll gladly take them back, pay the shipping to do so and provide a 10% off coupon for participating. Learn More

When a company gives back it sends a strong message about the company’s culture. At Made Simple we express that culture by including our customers. Our “give back” program contributes a percentage of our sales to small progressive charities with revenues below $100,000. This isn’t anything new but the way we do it is by accepting nominations from our customers in the areas of plastic pollution, criminal justice reform and the arts.  Made Simple will donate directly to a cause chosen by a customer and the amount donated is a percent of that customers annual purchases OR the customer can elect to be included in a pool that will once a year donate up to 5%t of Made Simple’s annual profit to up to three organizations which are chosen by the vote of all participating customers. Learn More

Materials matter!  They matter because not only is there a material life-cycle but some materials can actually contaminate the product it contains. All of our products come in glass because we believe plastics are harmful to the integrity of our products and harmful to our shared planet. At the moment, we do use plastic lids but when that supply is exhausted we’ll switch to metal lids.

In terms of shipping, we never use packing peanuts, bubble wraps, etc. We use one of two things depending on the shipping method: shredded paper from our office and personal use or repurposed boxes. Yes, we get plenty of packages in those nice brown cardboard boxes. We simply cut them to size and wrap your product. No, it’s not the most elegant packaging but we’d prefer that to more junk in our oceans. We hope you agree.