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“A quick note to let you know that I have received the tooth and gum tonic- and I will say that it’s pretty much AWESOME!!  I LOVE IT, and my mouth feels great. I will be Ordering this again, and again.”

Haydee S.
Colorado Springs, CO
October 2017


“Your products are outstanding and I’m happy to spread the word. “

Cindy H.
Watsonville, CA
September 2017


“Your products are wonderful and healthy.  You are being the change and that is amazing. I will always support you and your company.”

Kathleen S.
Aptos, CA
September 2017


“Your service to the customer is top notch”

Josh R.
Brookhaven, GA
September 2017


“I will continue buying from you guys especially due to awesome customer service. =D”

Thanhphuong T.
Slidell, LA
July 2017


“I love the toothpaste and tonic, and figured getting the 3 would be a better deal, just had wanted to make sure they wouldn’t of gone bad.  Thank you again for the response! You are the BEST!!!”

Jennifer T.
Palmer, MA
August 2017


“Oh what a joy to read in your email about how, while income is of course important, you are mainly interested in helping make this a better world.  What a difference and joy it would be if all businesses would have that foundational basis….”

Karen S.
Frederica, DE
July 2017


“Thank you for fixing my error, Julie Ann!  You’re the best!!”

Elaine A.
Felton, CA
June 2017


“WOW – thank you. What excellent customer service. Love it.”

Larry M.
Coronado, CA
May 2017


“I got the package from you today as you can see! Poured myself a martini to celebrate. Thank you very much for your great customer service and your humor. You really went above and beyond to correct this and I appreciate it a lot.”

Cindy H.
Watsonville, CA
August 2017


“You and JulieAnn crack me up!  It’s so refreshing to be working with two people who have a wacky sense of humor!  Thank you for that  :)”

Teri K. (wholesale buyer)
Grand Rapids, MI
August 2017