Made Simple Skin Care Product Stewartship

The intention of the Made Simple glass bottle and jar reuse program is to do our part to create a closed-loop on material life-cycles of our certified organic vegan skincare and oral care products thus our carbon footprint. Glass recycling is not available everywhere, and even where it is available, too often recyclable materials are sent to a landfill despite your best intention. So, once a customer has at least 10 empty jars and/or bottles, we’ll gladly take them back and pay the shipping to do so. At checkout, just click the little box to let us know you’d like a shipping label sent with your order and return the containers using the box in which your product arrived.

Every returned emplty container used for Made Simple certified organic vegan skincare and oral care products is thoroughly sanitized via a process that was reviewed and approved by our USDA accredited certifying agent, Baystate Organic Certifiers. Baystate not only inspects our facilities but they also carefully review every one of our procedures.

All glass jars and bottles returned to Made Simple are sanitized via the very same approved process. As an extra precaution, returned jars and bottles will only be re-purposed with the same ingredients that the jar or bottle originally contained.

Alternatively, here’s an idea of what you could do if you’d prefer to keep the bottles.