Summer/Location Temperature Advisory


Several Made Simple products may be affected by heat while in-transit, which means they can liquefy with prolonged exposure to summer heat. This is perfectly normal. The reason this happens is because some of our ingredients naturally liquefy around 76o F and we don’t add any artificial ingredients or chemicals to prevent liquefaction. Actually, we think it’s important to never add chemicals when with some care a natural product can do so much more. We trust you agree! Please review the “Use” tab on the product page for further instruction and explanation.


We are also proudly plastic-free, so we do not ship with wasteful freezer packs. Instead, we encourage you to join us in our commitment to sustainability by:

shipping your package to an address where somebody will be available to accept the delivery,

being mindful of your average delivery time – if it’s later in the day – delivery trucks are not air conditioned and your products can liquefy while out for delivery,

bringing your package inside as soon as you receive your delivery confirmation e-mail, and

avoid letting your package sit in direct sunlight on a porch or in a mailbox.

Didn’t catch it in time? If your products seems to have liquified, shake the container then pop it into the fridge for 20 minutes of chill time.

Feel free to reach-out to us at with any concerns you have about liquefaction before you place your order. We are happy to help!