Milk Thistle Rosemary
Face Scrub
Sensitive/Mature Skin

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Certified Organic | Vegan | Non-GMO | Cruelty-free

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Made Simple Skin Care Milk Thistle Rosemary Face Scrub USDA Certified Organic Raw Vegan NonGMO Cruelty free

Made fresh by you: activated at the moment of use, delivering maximum amount of nutrients to your skin

10 – 12 scrubs per jar, on-average

Highly concentrated: no water, no fillers, no micro-beads just pure product

100% natural and USDA certified organic

Hand-crafted in small batches in Massachusetts

Raw, Vegan, Non-GMO, Cruelty-free using only food-grade ingredients

Milk Thistle and Rosemary softly exfoliate dry, dead skin

Aloe Vera and Ashwagandha add essential nourishing nutrients

Oats moisturize and gently exfoliate

Recyclable/reusable/returnable glass jar prevents waste and leeching of plastics into product

Additional information

Weight 9 oz


Do you have concerns about the ingredients in products you use?

Well, if you do... great... because we want to share with you every single ingredient in our products, so that you can feel comfortable with Made Simple. Listed below are our ingredients... all of them... nothing left out, nothing in small print, nothing inactive... it's all right here for you to see. If you have any question at all please be in-touch. We'll even let you know where we get all this great stuff.
Each ingredient really does something for you.
Made Simple Skin Care milk thistle USDA Certified Organic Raw Vegan NonGMO Cruelty-free face scrub MILK THISTLE SEED powder (Silybum marianum, seed) has antioxidant properties and can help clear up skin irritations and blemishes. It is moisturizing and is known to promote cell regeneration, prevent the signs of aging, and speed healing.
Made Simple Skin Care rosemary USDA Certified Organic Raw Vegan NonGMO Cruelty-free face scrub ROSEMARY powder (Rosmarinus officinalis, leaf) contains naturally powerful antioxidants. It is known to help slow the effects of aging on skin and stimulate cell growth which reduces fine lines and wrinkles.
Made Simple Skin Care oat USDA Certified Organic Raw Vegan NonGMO Cruelty-free face scrub OAT powder (Avena sativa) is moisturizing and an extremely gentle exfoliant. It is know as a natural cleansers that can remove dirt and oil from the pores without causing irritation.
Made Simple Skin Care ashwagandha USDA Certified Organic Raw Vegan NonGMO Cruelty-free face scrub ASHWAGANDHA ROOT powder (Withania somnifer, root) has antioxidant properties. It is a gentle exfoliant and is known to help diminish dark spots, blemishes, acne scarring, and fine lines.
Made Simple Skin Care aloe vera USDA Certified Organic Raw Vegan NonGMO Cruelty-free face scrub ALOE VERA LEAF powder (Aloe vera, whole leaf) is soothing and moisturizing. It is known make the skin feel more resilient and supple improving the appearance of aging and dry skin.
Made Simple Skin Care lavender USDA Certified Organic Raw Vegan NonGMO Cruelty-free face scrub LAVENDER essential oil (Lavandula angustifolia, flowers) is calming and can lift your mood. It is high in antioxidants and is known to reduce wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, and soothe irritations.
Made Simple Skin Care palmarosa USDA Certified Organic Raw Vegan NonGMO Cruelty-free face scrub PALMAROSA essential oil (Cymbopogon martinii, grass) is known to promote cell growth and rejuvenate the skin.
Still looking for something else? Well, this is all there is... nothing else.

How To Use

Scoop 1-2 tsp of scrub into a small bowl (glass is recommended). Add a few drops of lukewarm water or a few sprays of our Made Simple Face Toner. Mix well to make a soft paste. Massage with circular motions on clean face, avoid eyes & lips. Wash off with water. Use 1-2 times a week. There are no preservatives, so only mix an amount of paste you plan to use within a few hours.

7 reviews for Milk Thistle Rosemary
Face Scrub
Sensitive/Mature Skin

  1. Nicole Combs

    The Milk Thistle Rosemary face scrub does an awesome job of rejuvenating my face. I like the way it smells and it is a great exfoliator without being abrasive.

  2. Renee Sorovetz

    This is the BEST scrub. It makes my skin feels great without over exfoliating. Thank you for this product, I’m in love!

  3. Laura

    I use this a couple times a week for gentle exfoliation. Couldn’t be happier with the results!

  4. Jennifer

    I bought the sample of this and absolutely love it! I have been using this along with other products from made simple and couldn’t be happier. I use it every night before bed, it’s super gentile and doesn’t irritate my skin. My face feels so refreshed and smooth after and when I wake up in the morning my skin looks clean and balanced.

  5. kbow277 (verified owner)

    I have been using this scrub for a few months now and I’m so happy with it! It smells totally yummy and it leaves my skin feeling refreshed, totally clean and soft. I use it 1-2x per week which seems to be a good fit within my skincare routine but it seems gentle enough that I might increase the times-per-week. I’ve of course used scrubs as part of my routine in the past but they’ve always been full of unpronounceable chemicals so it’s great to find something so effective that is also organic, wholesome and respectful of the environment as well as the skin it’s treating.

  6. stare przepisy kulinarne

    Very good website – bookmarked

  7. Fruity2Beauty

    I have had the opportunity to put this product to the test for the last 6 weeks. I have really enjoyed this scrub and the very clean feeling it leaves me with. I love that it is packed full of raw ingredient. I have really noticed that It leaves no makeup or residue or that waxy-tacky after feel but instead leaves my face with a “conditioned look and feel” without being overdry. It gives my face a “relaxed feeling” throughout the day. My skin actually looks more youthful, even-toned, and more refreshed! I love the way my face is fresh and ready for my makeup application. I have so many facial cleansers to choose from, but this one seems to be the one I reach for first every morning! I guess you could say I am cpmpletely hooked! THIS IS MY GO TO FACIAL SCRUB CLEANSER! I absolutely love it! I use this facial scrub every morning for a beautiful clean feeling and makeup ready skin! I LOVE IT!

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